Gastroplus Foundation was initiated in 2020 with a vision of providing healthcare facilities to the families of workers and local communities residing in the industrial area of Gujarat. The Foundation has progressed over the period into a leading non-profit civil society. With a Pan-India presence, it has branch offices in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Creating a socially inclusive and sustainable environment among the underprivileged communities by providing activities in the area of healthcare, like medical knowledge activities, non chargeable foundation, camp activities, social work activities like school and old age home.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction remains the main moto of Gastroplus Team. The experts at Gastroplus have diagnosed and treated number of GI disorders satisfactorily. All the while, Gastroplus family promise to maintain highest standard of care, tech, and service.

Maintaining Quality Through Set Standards

We at Gastroplus maintains a specific sets of standards and protocols for scope reprocessing and disinfection with a dedicated CDS department equiped with automatic dual scope endowhasher, Scope Buddy, ultrasonic machine, autoclave, ETO machine and fogger machine. Thus by maintaining highest standards of cleaning, we assure patients safety.